Laptops & Desktops

November 25, 2019

Windows Wireless Profile Commands

There may be times where you need to add/remove wireless profiles from the CLI.
November 1, 2019

Using iperf3 to Help Troubleshoot Speed and Throughput Issues

There are many cool options you can use with iperf but I think it’s important to use multiple simultaneous streams. I’ve seen people use this tool […]
July 5, 2019

Microsoft Windows Net Use Command

Sometimes people forget that you don’t need to use a drive letter when using the “net use” command. Also it’s good to use the command below […]
July 1, 2019

CTRL+ALT+DEL in a RDP Session

If for some reason you need a user that’s RDP’ed into a Server or Workstation to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL, here are two ways to accomplish that.
May 23, 2019

AD Replication Internally vs Site-to-Site

I’m focusing more on DNS updates. Below is how long a DNS record will update (new record or updated record). Some people think it’s instant but […]
May 21, 2019

Always be on the Lookout for Product Updates/Changes

What I mean by this, is keep an eye out for emails, alerts within the product, etc… for updates.
May 15, 2019

DNS Basics

Let’s talk about a topic that some people just don’t get, DNS. I’ll try to make is super simple to understand.
February 3, 2019

Windows Powershell giving “is not digitally signed” error

I was getting this error: File C:\Scripts\XXXXXX.ps1 cannot be loaded. The file C:\Scripts\XXXXXX.ps1 is not digitally signed. You cannot run this script on the current system. […]
January 25, 2019

Windows Display Protocol and Ethernet Statistics

There are 4 commands that are useful: netstat -s netstat -e netsh interface ipv4 show ipstats netsh interface ipv4 show tcpstats   Protocol Statistics with “netstat […]
January 17, 2019

Finding your Public IP Address without a browser

There are times you need to find what your public IP Address especially when doing firewall work. There are environments where a browser is not accessible […]
July 31, 2018

Packet Captures for Linux (tcpdump) and Windows (netsh trace)

July 24, 2018

Netstat and Finding Processes/Apps

Windows: In this example you can see the One Drive is using port 443. C:\>netstat -aon | findstr "443" TCP ESTABLISHED 10252 C:\>tasklist | […]
July 13, 2018

Wireshark Filters

June 12, 2018

Using netstat to show specific port

netstat -na | find “51000” or netstat -np [protocol] | find “port #” netstat -np tcp | find “51000” or this one where you can kill […]
June 9, 2018

iperf and QOS/TOS Settings

iperf3 -c -S 0x10 #IPTOS_LOWDELAY iperf3 -c -S 0x08 #IPTOS_THROUGHPUT